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The United States high school track and field records listed below are as maintained by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFSH) For More information about the NFSH visit their website at www.nfhs.org.
Interesting Record Notes:
  1. The oldest national high school event record still untied or unbroken is the girls long jump: in 1976 Kathy McMillan, from Raeford Hoke County, North Carolina, leaped 22’-1 ¾”.
  2. The boys and girls national shot put records are held by a father and daughter tandem: In 1979, Dallas, Texas Jefferson High School’s Michael Carter (who went on to become an Olympic Silver Medalist and all-pro defensive tackle for the San Francisco 49ers) heaved the shot an astonishing distance of 77’-00". But that’s not the end to this tale: later that year Michael Carter threw 81’-3 1/2” at the Golden West Invitational, a track and field meet held in Sacramento, CA featuring the top high school athletes in the country. The NFHS has obviously not recognized this as a high school sanctioned meet, but most everyone else does recognize the throw as being a high school record—many sports experts and pundits credit Carter's 81'-3 1/2" shot put throw as being one of the greatest sports feats in history. Twenty-four years later (2003), his daughter Michelle Carter of Red Oak, Texas set the girls national record with a throw of 54’-10”.
  3. Shalonda Solomon, Shana Solomon and Jasmine Lee of Long Beach Polly HS are members of three national record-setting relay teams in the Girls 200, 400 and 1600 relays. All three relay records were set in 2004.

Last updated March 1, 2016:

U.S. High School Track and Field National Records

 HSTF Record_logo pic
Boys Girls
Sprints Sprints
100: HENRY NEAL, Greenville, TX (1990); James Reese, Mansfield, TX (1990); Brendan Christian, Austin Reeagan, TX (2002); Jaylon Hicks, Galena Park North Shore, TX (2011)—10.15.
100: MARION JONES, Thousand Oaks, CA—11.14 (1992).

200: ROY MARTIN, Dallas Roosevelt, TX—20.13 (1985).

200: ALLYSON FELIX, Los Angeles Baptist, CA—22.52 (2003).

400: Aldrich Bailey, Mansfield Timberview, TX—45.19 (2012); Michael Norman, Vista Murrieta, Murrieta, CA–45.19 (2015).
in 1982 Darrell Robinson from Wilson H.S. in Tacoma, WA ran 44.69 as a high school sprinter in a non-NFHS sanctioned contest).

400: MONIQUE HENDERSON, San Diego Samuel F.B. Morse, CA—50.74 shattered previous record by 2 seconds (2000).
Distance Runs Distance Runs
800: MICHAEL GRANVILLE, Bell Gardens, CA—1:46.45 (1996). 800: Amy Weissenbach, Harvard Westlake, CA—2:02.04 (2011).
1600: ALAN WEBB, Reston South Lakes, VA—3:59.51 (2001). 1600: Alexa Efraimson, Camas, Camas, WA—4:33.29 (2014).
3200: GERMAN FERNANDEZ, Riverbank, CA—8:34.23 (2008). 3200: KIMBERLY MORTENSEN, Thousand Oaks, CA—9:48.59 (1996).
Hurdles Hurdles
110HH: DENNIS BRANTLEY, Houston Worthing, TX—13.10 (1980) manual time.
Dayton Dunbar, OH—13.30 (1990) FAT.
100HH: VASHTI THOMAS, San Jose Mt. Pleasant, CA—13.03 (2007).
300IM: REGGIE WYATT, Riverside La Sierra, CA—35.02 (2009). 300LH: LASHINDA DEMUS, Long Beach Wilson, CA—39.98 (2001).
Relays Relays
(Isaiah Sweeny, Cleon Davis, Ugonna Amarikwa, Clyde Lee) —1:23.92 (2007).
(Shana Solomon, Jasmine Lee, Shana Woods, Shalonda Solomon)—1:33.87 (2004).
(Milton Wesley, Michael Franklin, Montie Clopton, DeMario Wesley)—39.76 (1998).
(Shana Solomon, Jasmine Lee, Chanda Picott, Shalonda Solomon)—44.50 (2004).
(Michael Marsh, Michael Graham, Sean Kelly, Henry Thomas) —3:07.40 (1985).
(Shana Solomon, Dashanta Harris, Jasmine Lee, Shalonda Solomon)—3:35.49 (2004).
3200: WARRINGTON CENTRAL BUCKS SOUTH, PA (Jeffrey Dickson, David Manion, Matthew Poiesz, Thomas Mallon)—7:33.48 (2009). 3200: Grosse Pointe South, MI
(Kelsie Schwartz, Ersula Farrow, Haley Meier, Hannah Meier)—8:48.29 (2012).
Field Events Field Events
Shot Put: MICHAEL CARTER, Dallas Jefferson, TX—77'-00" (1979) Carter later bested this throw, heaving it 81'-3 1/2" at the 1979 Golden West Invitational (see Interesting Record Notes above). Shot Put: MICHELLE CARTER, Red Oak, TX—54'-10 3/4" (2003).

Discus: MASON FINLEY, Buena Vista, CO—236'-6" (2009).

Discus: Shelbi Vaughan, Mansfield Legacy, Austin, TX—191'6".
Javelin: Billy Stanley, South Park, PA—246-9" (2012). Javelin: Madison Wiltrout, Connellsvile, Connellsville, PA185'-8" (2015).
High Jump: JAMES WHITE, Grandview, MO—7'-5 3/4" (2009). High Jump: TONI YOUNG, Del City, OK—6'-4" (2009); Vashti Cunningham, Bishop Gorman–6'4" (2015)

Pole Vault: ERIC ESHBACH, Orangefield, TX—18-2¼ (1999).

Pole Vault: Morgan LeLeux, New Iberia Catholic, LA14'-2 3/4" (2011).

Long Jump: JAMES STALLWORTH, Tulare, CA—26'-4 3/4" (1989).

Long Jump: KATHY McMILLAN, Raeford Hoke County, NC—22'-1 3/4" (1976).

Triple Jump: CHARLES MAYFIELD, Pasadena Muir, CA—52'-10 1/2" (1980).

Triple Jump: YCHLINDRIA SPEARS, Luling, TX—44'-2 1/4" (2001).

Video: Michael Carter's National Record 81'-3 1/2" Shot Put Throw

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