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  1. ScooBobedo
    December 15, 2014 @ 5:05 pm

    Great post! Nebraska WTF? Really? Really? I was no Bo fan but this hiring decision is exactly what you wrote so well about. “Monkey Business.” Nebraska Football has truly become a circus. I actually thought the hiring of Eichorst was a smart move on Nebraska’s part. Now I’m seriously questioning this decision. Let alone the AD’s choice of Cotton to coach the upcoming bowl game. Wow! Sorry Coach Brown. You may be the longest coach within the program but not respected well enough to be honored to lead this team.
    I’m reminded of a comment a former player twitted, “the problem wasn’t Bo, it goes further to the top!” NO JOKE!
    Will this be another Harvey screw up like his past hiring of Peterson? We shall see, for better or worse, how well this circus turns out in the next two or three years. As of now and based on Riley’s record, I just don’t see what Eichorst is seeing in Riley? Better man who represents the face of the Huskers – I will agree with that. But as far as championships? As former coach Pelini, who to me looked, sounded and acted like the well-known cartoon character “Scooby Doo” would say, “HUH?”
    I’m wondering if Eichorst is a poker player? He talks of, “resources”, which we all know is the millions of dollars the program makes off its players. Mr. AD you have now also have gambled and wagered on the hearts of diehard Husker Football Fans!
    Good luck “Huskers” or should I be saying Eichorst, you’re gonna need it!


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