How to Send Game Film and Highlight Video to College Coaches


New Mailing Service Sends Your Game Film and Highlight Video DVDs to Any College for Any Sport.


Hit Send-It-4U-Mail-logoBeat the hassle of trying to figure out how, when and where to send your game film and highlight video to college coaches.  Relax and let Hit do all the legwork for you with our new low cost Send It 4u Mail Service.

No matter what sport the Send It 4U Mail Service can help athletes, parent/guardians and coaches free up valuable time and eliminate some of the confusion, stress, and worry during the long recruiting process, by stremiling the procedure of sending game films and highlight videos to colleges. That’s because we make copies of your DVDs and/or digital files and store them so that you can email or call us toll-free, at anytime, to tell us where you want the next batch to be sent.

All you have to do is mail or electronically send your game film and/or highlight DVD to us – onetime – and we will mail your DVDs to the appropriate coach or staff member located at the college(s) of your choice.

Cover Letter Included

A professional cover letter (optional) will accompany each mailing. The cover letter will contain but is not limited to the following information: athlete’s position(s) season and/or career stats, physical and athletic measures, awards/honors, GPA and applicable college entry test scores. In addition, informative disc labels (athlete name, school, disc title etc…) will be produced and affixed to each DVD disc to be mailed.

As we continue to grow Hit looks forward to taking a more proactive approach to promoting our client athletes and providing them and their parent/guardians and coaches with more technologies, information and resources to successfully navigate the ever changing and highly competitive environment of sports recruiting.“

How the Send It 4U Mail Service Works

1.       Purchase the Send It 4U Mail Service Member Registration and the appropriate number of Send It 4U Mailing Units corresponding to the number of colleges that you want to receive your highlight video and/or game film DVD.

2.       Send us your highlight video and/or game video via mail or by utilizing our FTP account.

3.       Once we receive your footage (a) we make a copy to keep on file for future use; (b) print and add the optional disc label(s) to your game film and/or highlight DVD and (c) we mail your DVD(s) along with the optional cover letter to the college(s) you have chosen. All original hardcopy footage that you sent to us is mailed back to you

Send It 4U Pricing

Send It 4U Mail Unit:  $5.95 per mailing within the continental US (maximum of 2 DVDs per mailing envelope). Click on Image to Register Now 

The Send It 4U Mail Unit applies to US First Class postal rate service. Certified Mail, US Priority Mail, US Overnight Mail is available for an additional applicable charge.

Save on mailing with FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

Customers that have access to high speed Internet service can save on mailing cost and time by electronically sending their video to us via our FTP account.

Once you have purchased your Member Registration and Mailing Units just send an email to us or call our toll-free telephone number to let us know that you intend to send your footage via FTP. Once we are notified we’ll send you an email detailing the easy to follow instructions, along with and your user ID and password.

Fast Expedite Service Available

Do you need a highlight video made and sent to a college coach right away?

If you already have highlight clips and you just need them to be further trimmed, organized, Target Mark Arrows and Circles applied and a Marquee – depending on work flow – we may be able to produce your project and have it in the mail or in your hands within 48 hours after receiving the footage. Price for Next Day service is the cost of our Re-Edit Package plus a $50.00 expedite fee (additional overnight charges may apply).

Call us toll free at 1-866-229-8028 to see if we can help.


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