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  1. Dave
    November 18, 2010 @ 2:10 pm

    Using the past records of the Huskers v Big Ten competition is a strawman. You appear to be another Husker homer using this argument. Yes, Nebraska has a great coach. Yes, they have a great tradition. They have strong recruiting classes every year. But please, they lost Texas this year and ha to go into OT against ISU. The year’s not finished yet and they’re not playing a SOC they will have in the Big Ten next year.

    Can they win the BT Title game next year? Sure. But your pick is made based on the past and that is the common mistake Husker fans make.

    Welcome to the Big Ten Huskers (and fans) this ain’t the Big Twelve and it’s a new day.

    Oh and Carl moving to a HC spot? He pulled a Solich and the only reason he’s still there is because of Bo.


    • Will Cummings
      November 18, 2010 @ 3:12 pm

      Dave, great post! But appearances can be deceiving. I’m actually born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and even did a little stint with the Buckeyes—if I have a favorite college football team it would be Ohio State.
      True, some Nebraska fans do live in the past but Bo Pelini does not, nor does his team. The history of Nebraska vs. the Big Ten was merely meant to demonstrate the facts as they are—domination. I pick Nebraska to win the Big Ten next year based on the current status of their program vs. the current status of the Big Ten teams—not the history. I could end up being all wet behind the ears and the Huskers could fall flat on their faces next year and my Buckeyes would continue to rule the roost.
      No matter what happens Nebraska makes Big Ten football better. It will be a wild ride watching it all unfold.
      As for Carl Pelini, I’m fully aware of the situation you are referring to, and if that incident prevents him from being a head coach some day that would be a shame. But like you mentioned, Solich was in a similar predicament and he still got a HC gig. Even so, Carl Pelini has already turned down a couple of much more lucrative DC jobs offers to stay at Nebraska. Despite everything else Carl is one hell of a coach and in the end that’s what schools want.


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