Crystal_logo289.pngFootball Recruiting Process: The Role of Media and Recruiting Services


Understanding Recruiting Services and Media's Role in the

High School Football Recruiting Process

Part 3 of the 4 part series "The Football Recruiting Process:
What You Need to Know to Improve Your Chances of Being Recruitied and Receiving a Scholarship

Part 1: Know Your Odds of Reciving a College Football Scholarship.
Part 2: How College Coaches Decide Which High School Football Prospects Get a Scholarship Offer
Part 4: How to Prepare and Improve Your Chances of Being Recruited.

Love them or hate them--recruiting services like Rivals, Scout, Max Preps and others play a major role and provide a valuable service to the recruiting process. College coaches may say that they  don't pay attention to these services but fans, local papers and their own college media outlets sure do! Just read the info on any college message board about a prospect that has committed to their school and the first thing they talk about is how many stars he has or where they rank nationally. Even college coaches will boast about a player's ranking.

Ranking High School Football Prospects from Each State

Like the colleges, the top national recruiting services have already identified most of the country's top prospects in the class of 2011 and have ranked them by mid June of 2010. Now their function will be to find and rank any late bloomers and or previously unidentified prospects from each state. Recruiting services accomplish this task by visiting high schools, talking to coaches and/or prospects, monitoring camp visits, scouring newspapers and web sites for information, and--most importantly—by evaluating highlight videos and game film.

Like college coaches, recruiting services are always monitoring talent, but around March they will begin in earnest to discover the top talent in each state for the class of 2011 so that they can produce and release their prospect rankings for each state by midsummer.

Hint: A good indication that thinks you are a D-1A candidate is if they ask you for a highlight film--they need your film to display on their site.  They won't ask for it if you don't fit the bill!

Prospects rated among the state's best stand a far greater chance of receiving D-IA and D-IAA offers. It's not a perfect process but it is the process. Each year there are always at least a half-dozen high school players in Nebraska--as well as in other states--that will surface to the top--after the initial state rankings come out in the summer. And each year, using the state of Nebraska as an example, there are always two or three ranked players that do not pan out (meaning they wil not get D-1A or D1AA offers).

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