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The Importance of a Well-Made Highlight Video

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In today’s highly completive sports recruiting environment, a student/athlete’s highlight video can play a major role in helping him or her get noticed by college coaches.  And considering that the total average yearly tuition and fees associated with obtaining a four year college education being anywhere from $7,000 to attend a in-state public college to upwards of $35,000/yr or more to attend one of the elite private universities, you can begin to see why receiving a student/athletic scholarship can lift a huge financial burden off a family’s budget.


(Pictured) Current Kansas University guard Elijah Johnson slams down monster dunk, during his junior year, at the 2008 Nevada high school basketball state playoff game, while attending Cheyenne HS in Las Vegas — a Hit video production screenshot

The competition for those few and precious athletic scholarship dollars is fierce, and the athlete and his family need to understand the recruiting process and be prepared – well ahead of time – with the No.1 tool that college football and basketball coaches use to evaluate the potential of a prospect.


Hit Highlights' Commitment to Our Clients

Hit Highlights is committed to providing its clients with our affordable professional quality sports video editing services. We understand the critical role that film plays in evaluating talent at the high school, college and professional level. Therefore, you can be assured that the person evaluating and editing your film has an extensive sports background and that they understand what college coaches and/or professional scouts are looking for when they critique film. We believe that our dedication to engaging only film evaluators and editors and consultants who have a high level intimate knowledge of sports will produce a more effective product. But we don't stop here for our clients:

Hit Highlights Helps You to Maximize Your Exposure and other national recruiting services will only feature a small number of prospect highlight videos on their websites. Even more limiting, the only way the public can see most of those videos is by paying for a monthly subscription. On the contrary:

•     Every Hit Highlights client has the opportunity to permit us to upload their highlight video to our YouTube channel. This means no one has to pay to see your video and you can easily direct college coaches to your YouTube video by supplying them the URL address.

•     As a Hit Highlights client our affiliate networks like Sports Highlights USA, and others will have access to your video and images for possible use in future articles--that means more potential exposure!

•     Hit Highlights clients receive their own free website (with email) to promote themselves, their team, and/or for any other legal and permitted activities.

Save 25% off on Your Next Project

All Hit Highlight clients who purchase one of our Service Packages are entitled to 25% off on their next project (excludes extra copies or special effects and does not apply to on sale services or promotions).

Film Archive


Hit Highlights archives your project for three years to allow for easy updates or additional copies you may need in the future.


We Can Improve Your Odds of Getting Noticed

According to the National Federation of High Schools, the average annual number of high school senior football players stands at about 250,000. And each year the combined number of scholarships awarded by the: NCAA Division I-A; Division I-AA; Division II and NAIA football programs totals to approximately 5,000 or so full ride student/athletic scholarships.


Based on the above numbers, the odds of a high school senior football player being awarded a partial or full ride scholarship are 1 out of 50. The odds of receiving a scholarship are much greater for all other high school sports like basketball, baseball, wrestling track and field. With so much competition out there seeking the same limited resources (scholarships) it's imperative that athletes seeking to play sports at the college level prepare to get noticed early on in their high school careers.


Besides committing yourself to excellence and hard work both on the field and in the classroom, the most important thing you can do to improve your chances of receiving a scholarship is to invest the time and the resources into your film. After all—especially in football recruiting—it's how you get noticed and where college coaches place the most emphasis when determining whether or not to recruit an athlete. 


“Your Highlight Video is Your Resume”


Your highlight video--like a resume to a job applicant--is your calling card in the sports world. It is a short visual representation of your abilities that's used to entice recruiters and scouts to take a further look at you. Therefore, invest in your highlight video like you would in a resume for a six-figure job. Because a four to five year full ride scholarship can be worth that much.


A well-made highlight video that captures the elements recruiters are looking for and is distributed and displayed in the proper manner can help an athlete get their foot in the door.

Let Hit Highlights Do It Right for You.


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