Crystal_logo289.png3 Steps to Buy a Video Production

1.  Get Your Film Footage:  Gather the game film (or the footage that you want use for a special project)  that you want to send to Hit Highlights. Ask your coach for copies of game film in which you performed well.  You can also gather footage that your parents, family members, friends or even the local media may have of your performances.

2.  Pick Your Service Package: Decide how much game footage that you will send to us. Prices of your highlight video will vary depending on the amount of footage we have to edit. For additional information, see our Buy a Video Production Shopping Cart. For all other video editing projects such as team highlights, banquet film, web media or business projects Contact Us with the details of your request. 

3. Choose How to Send Your Film to Hit Highlights: You can mail your film to Hit Highlight or you can send it over the internet (requires high speed internet and a capable computer.) Sending your footage FTP saves on postage and handling and it's simple to  learn. Besides, we will guide you through the process. For moer details Click How to Send Your Film.

Client Info Form

Important: Be sure to fill out the Client Information Form before sending your film. The form is used to accurately identify you on film and to complete your Marquee, disc and Jewel case labels. So make sure to fill the form out accurately and completely. When finish entering your data make sure to Click the "Submit" button, which will email the information to us,

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