Hit Highlights Production Process





Hit Highlights' Production Process

What You Get With Your
Hit Highlights Produced DVD

Listed below are the step we take in producing Service Packages and Service Options for our clients:

1. Convert your analog film to a digital format (if necessary).

2. Evaluate your abilities by watching the film that you provide.

3. Edit (cut and trim) your best plays from your game film(s).

4. Sequence the clips for maximum effect.

5. Highlight or "Target Mark" you—with our digital arrow, box circle or other marker-- at the beginning of each play.  We will also Target Mark you if you are in a crowd during a play.

6. Digitally enhance quality of the film where possible.

7.  Add Marquee and/or Music Track and/or a special effect that yourequested.

8.  Produce a highlight DVD of your best plays.

9.. Create disc labels and jewel case covers for your project.

10. Mail your project back to you within 10 business days of receving your footage.(exceptions for special projects.)

Hit Highlights, Service Packages contains the following Features:

1.  Three DVD disc copies-- Each DVD disc will be affixed with a latex photo colored label (your choice of two team colors) and each disc label will contain the following information: name, height, weight, position(s) school name, school nickname, hometown and graduating class year.

2.  Three slimline jewel cases-- each with a photo color cover (team colors or any 2 colors you choose) that features all the information contained on the disc label plus:head coach's name, school address, and school telephone number.

3.  Service Package Highlight DVDs will feature a menu at the beginning of the DVD that will showcase your information.

4.  Service Package Highlight and Game DVDs will feature a marquee at the start of the video that will showcase your name, height, weight,position(s) grade year, school name, and hometown.

Note: If adding music or special effects, clients can choose the number of copies that include music and/or special effects and/or no music and/or special effects This is an added convenience for our clients who may be purchasing for both recruiting and entertainment purposes.