Crystal_logo289.pngThe Football Recruiting Process: How To Prepare


How to Prepare and Improve Your Chances of

Being Recruited for Football Scholarship

Part 4 of the 4 part series "The Football Recruiting Process:
What You Need to Know to Improve Your Chances of Being Recruitied and Receiving a Scholarship

Part 1: Know Your Odds of Reciving a College Football Scholarship.
Part 2: How College Coaches Decide Which High School Football Prospects Get a Scholarship Offer.
Part 3: Understanding Recruiting Services and Media's Role in the High School Football Recruiting Process

Big Business and NCAA Guidelines

"Understand first that college football is multi-billion dollar big business and the object for head coaches that are are paid handsomely—even at the D-IAA and D-II levels--is to win games. Therefore, they are looking for the best athletes they can secure in order to hold on to their jobs."

The NCAA puts limits on how many players a college can offer per year (it's a little more complicated than this but 25 is the max number of scholarships a D-1A college can offer per year). More importantly, the NCAA places minimum academic requirements and standards that each student must meet before he can enroll at a university under a student/athletic scholarship. The NCAA Clearinghouse is established to set these guidelines and to monitor all athletes that receive scholarships for athletics.

If you are in the class of 2011 and you are seeking a football scholarship you need to know—RIGHT NOW--where you stand academically. Get with your school counselor and find out where you stand. And if your grades and core course credits are not good enough you need to develop a plan of action—RIGHT NOW! You still have a year and a half to get your act together if your grades are not in line. But that means summer school and less time hanging out with your friends.

If you don't know where you stand academically, the college coaches that are recruiting you will find out exactly where you stand in May. They will not seriously pursue you if they find out your grades and/or ACT/SAT test scores will not be good enough to pass the NCAA Clearinghouse standards by the time you graduate. However, if they do discover you have bad grades but you at least have a plan of action that you are already working on to improve your scores they will still keep you under consideration.

Be Prepared With Your Highlight Video and Game Film

To determine whether or not you can play football at the college level, the first thing a college coach will wants to see is your film. Nowadays, more college coaches are asking to see highlight film first. That's because by seeing your best stuff up front they will know right away whether to spend more of their valuable time looking at your game film. So have a highlight video ready and know which game film(s) you want them to see.

A BIG MISTAKE Made by Many High School Football Players | Prospects

HINT: One of the biggest mistakes that far too many high school players make is to solely concentrate on getting bigger and stronger. That's a throwback concept from the good old days!

Today's game of high octane spread offenses and highly proficient aerial attacks demands speed, quickness and explosiveness at every position!

You will serve yourself better if you concentrate on getting faster, quicker, more explosive and last but least--more flexible.

SPEED, QUICKNESS and EXPLOSIVENESS play a HUGE role in college football recruiting! Thereby, dertermining which high school football prospects will be offered scholarships:

  • Learn how to properly run the Forty Yard Dash and 10 Yard Dash. Just learning how to line up right and working on your start could shave a tenth-of-a-second off your time.
  • Practice running the Short Shuttle to lower your times. The Short Shuttle measures your quickness--another important recruiting measurement--especially for the skilled position prospects.
  • Improve your Vertical Jump. A lot of coaches put a premium on this skill set because it helps to measure explosiveness.
  • Improve your Range of Motion. This goes beyond just simple stretching. There are several good training regimens used by college and professional sports teams to accomplish this--it's still slow in filtering down to the high school level.

In short: Constantly practice and improve on all of the drills and tests that college coaches use to measure an athelet's POTENTIAL! Doing so will only make you a better athlete.


Make Plans to Attend Camps

Non-college affiliated national camps like NIKE have posted their schedules. Some of these camps are open to everyone and some are by invitation only. Attending one of these camps before summer is a good way to increase your exposure—but do not go if you are not prepared to perform at your highest level.

You don't have to attend a Nike camp but you better attend at least a couple of college camps during the summer. Again--be prepared to perform at your highest level! An outstanding camp performance could earn you a scholarship on the spot. Understand that they will not only be examining your athletic ability at these camps--they will also be looking at your attitude, effort and leadership qualities. They will be checking out everything you do from the way you walk to the way you interact with the staff and other competitors.

Remember that recruiting services and other media outlets will start calling and/or visiting with you and or your coaches in March. And college coaches will be coming to your school in May-- be prepared to be at your best and have your highlight video and game film ready! The recruiting services will want a copy of your highlight film. The recruiting services and the media will also be evaluating all the things the college coaches look for too. So always be at your best.

And Good Luck!

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