Crystal_logo289.png Glossary of Video Editing Terms

Analog format--is plastic based image storage material used in mediums such as VHS tapes and 16mm and 8mm films.

Digital format--is the current state-of-the-art storage medium used to capture images using precision electronic pulses that are interpreted into highly defined images that are used in mediums such as CDs, DVDs, computer hard drives, memory cards, Ipods, television and much more.

Chaptersare used on digital DVD menus to allow the user to decide at what scene or at what point to start the video.

Edit—cut and/or trim and/or sequence film from raw film footage for the purpose of telling a coherent story.

Marquee—is a frame used at the beginning of our DVDs to introduce the player or person to the audience. It will contain his or her: name, height, weight, position grade year, school, and hometown.

Music Track— is music added to a project to give it more movement and appeal and pizazz. Music hels to--drive--the video. Hit Highlights uses noncommerial royalty free music from owned pieces in our library collection. Don't be fooled by the word free.” We have some good scores that will add that extra kick to your film. We will also use music that is owned by our clients or that they are authorized to use.

Re-Edit—cut and/or trim and/or sequence and/or add clips to a client's existing project.

Service Packageis a project that we will produce from raw unedited film footage e.g. editing a game film(s) to produce a highlight DVD.

Special Effects--are visual effects added to a production such as slow motion, fast forward, freeze frame, transitions etc... Hit Highlights is capable of producing many different Hollywood- like visual effects.

When you purchase a Special Effect: 3 of your best plays will be replayed using transitions, slow motion, freeze frame, PIP, blur or a combination thereof. If you have a specific request just tell us.

Subtitles—are words displayed onto the video screen that depict or describe a player's action, stats, scores, teams, conditions, etc... Just tell us what you want and we will add it to your project.

Target Mark—is a arrow, circle, box or some other type of marker that we use to highlight (identify) a player at the beginning of each play and/or during the play if he or she is in a crowd. This makes identifying and following the player easier for the viewer. Thus creating a more efficient and more enjoyable viewer experience.

Target Mark DuoApplies to football players only. Hit Highlights Service Package pricing reflects the production of either an offense or defense highlight video. By purchasing the Target Mark Duo, we will produce both offense and defense highlights for your project.

Transitions--are special effects used between the end of one clip (or play) and the beginning of the next clip.The most commonly used transitions are fade-in and fade-out, but there are many other effects that are possible.